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Testing your local Internet connection


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Third Party Speed Test Website

On your local computer, open an Internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) and go to and click “Click here to try our new HTML 5 test portal

Run the BCS

2. Click “Download and run the BCS

3. Click the “Download BCS for Windows” button

4. Click the download button next to “Application

5. Follow the instructions to run the BCS

Select the Location

6. Once running, go back and select your nearest location

Running the test

7. Change “Throughput (Speed)” to “VoIP” and click Update.

8. Click on “Click to start test

9. Wait for the test to finish

Receiving and reviewing Result

10. Click on the first “voip test” link

11. Review results and forward to support and/or your ISP.


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