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Create new business opportunities, expand service offerings and accelerate business growth by providing customers with high-demand remote access, mobility, disaster recovery and cloud hosting solutions.

MyQuickCloud partners include professional service providers, MSPs and IT resellers, Independent Software Vendors and other businesses that recognize that mobility and managed services are driving cloud adoption, and MyQuickCloud is the solution to get them there.

MyQuickCloud partners get benefits from the start and with no initial investment. As each level is reached, the partner qualifies for additional benefits and earning potential.

Some of Our Partners

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MyQuickCloud partner program offers three different revenue models.

Partners can choose which revenue model works best for them.


Affiliate Partners earn by referring customers to MyQuickCloud.

Simple and straightforward – customers sign up, you get paid.

Immediately earns following benefits:

  • Partner account and registration link
  • Marketing starter pack with micro-site
  • Registration, billing and analysis via the Partner Portal
  • Earn $25 one-time bounty per paying account referred


Reseller Partners are advisors, MSP and IT resellers or ISVs offering MyQuickCloud to their customers, either alone or as part of a bundled solution.

Resellers receive a monthly revenue share for each active user referred.

Eligibility: 25 paying accounts

  • Co-branded software
  • Marketing starter pack with micro-site
  • Registration, billing and analysis via the Partner Portal
  • Dedicated account manager
  • From 10% revenue sharing

Integrated Billing

Full Integration Partners package MyQuickCloud as part as their offering and integrate through the MyQuickCloud API for provisioning. Integration partners receive a discount on MyQuickCloud user licensing, and are billed each month for the total number of licenses.

Resellers are billed each month for all active users registered at a discounted price.

associated with the partner account.

Eligibility: 500 paying accounts

  • API Integration
  • Co-branded software and micro-site
  • Personalized go to market support and training
  • Branded and targeted marketing starter pack
  • Registration, billing and analysis management via the Partner Portal
  • Dedicated account management
  • 20% discount

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Partner benefits details

Minimum paying accounts referred
0 10 25 100 500
Revenue Model Affiliate Affiliate Reseller Reseller Integrated Billing
One-time bounty for every new paying account referred
$25 per account $25 per account
Monthly % on every active user referred
10% 15%-20%
Integrated Reseller
Monthly user license discount
Partner Account and registration link
Marketing Starter Pack (with micro-site)
Registration, billing and analysis
Demo Account
60 days demo
Co-branded Software
Personalized go to market support and training
Branded and targeted starter pack
Dedicated account manager

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The first step to becoming a MyQuickCloud partner is to create an account.

  1. Create an account with MyQuickCloud.
  2. When you connect with a partner representative, provide the email address for the trial account to link your partner account


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