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What is MyQuickCloud?

MyQuickCloud is the remote desktop software that allows multiple, simultaneous users to access computers and desktop applications from anywhere.

Whether you need to access your computer remotely, share your desktop software with clients and colleagues, or take one of our cloud servers; our easy to use application will have you, your colleagues and your clients all working together seamlessly.

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What can I do with MyQuickCloud?

Share desktop apps with others

MyQuickCloud application sharing allows you to share your desktop apps with colleagues, allowing you to work on them at the same time without disruptions.

Take your desktop apps anywhere

Use your desktop apps anywhere, on any device, with MyQuickCloud enhanced remote access. Access your whole desktop, selected apps or create a virtual computer.

Go full cloud

For a carefree cloud experience, add a MyQuickCloud managed cloud server. We take care of daily backups and updates so you can concentrate on your day to day business.

Can more than one user access the same applications simultaneously?

Absolutely. Multiple users can all work together without seeing what one another is working on.

Do I need a separate user for each of my devices?

Nope! You can pick up on your mobile device where you left off on your desktop with the same login.

Where can I learn more about cloud servers?

To learn more about our managed cloud servers take a look at our dedicated guide!

Is it easy to set up?

Yes, with our easy to follow online set up process, anyone can get started with MyQuickCloud.

Is it secure?

Yes! Everything is sent through an encrypted 128 bit SSL connection and your data never actually leaves your host computer.

What’s your support like?

Great! We’re very proud of our support team. Read our testimonials below.

Don’t just take our word for it

Whether you are an accountant working remotely, a startup looking to create a secure digital workspace or want to sync your business across multiple locations. MyQuickCloud helps you to simplify working digitally.

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