MyQuickCloud for QuickBooks

Remote Access and Application Sharing for QuickBooks desktop and other applications

Business owners around the world face the same challenge: how to simply get co-workers or clients working on the same QuickBooks software and company files, and without a lot of cost and hassle

What if I could transform My QuickBooks and other desktop applications Quickly, making them instantly accessible from anywhere at anytime from my own Cloud?

That is exactly what MyQuickCloud does. QuickBooks desktop, QB-integrated solutions and your other applications are instantly accessible to you and your team members, so your virtual office is just a few clicks away. No other hosting model gives you this level of flexibility and freedom.

Watch MyQuickCloud in action

Small and growing businesses need enterprise-class capability, so we created a powerful yet cost-efficient application hosting solution that makes it fast and easy to get your business working in the cloud.

Why MyQuickCloud™ for QuickBooks™?

Here are some benefits of using MyQuickCloud with QuickBooks, and we’re sure you will find even more.

Quick and simple setup is completed in just a few minutes
Transforms QuickBooks desktop and other software into cloud-accessed applications
Secure hosting means confidential data never leaves the host server
Cost efficient and flexible solution for working with clients
Simultaneous multi-user application support*
Share with Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android devices so your desktop and applications are always available
Ideal replacement for restrictive hosting services and simple remote access solutions
Manage and scale your apps from a simple dashboard
*subject to the 3rd party software license terms and conditions.

How will MyQuickCloud for QuickBooks help your business?

Here you will find ways for bookkeepers and accountants to use MyQuickCloud for QuickBooks.

An alternative to QuickBooks Online

Need to access your clients books remotely?

Want an easy way to host your clients data locally?

What is included?

MyQuickCloud is packed with features to make sharing applications easy and simple.

MyWorkspace: Create a personal virtual desktop for you and one for each of your users to work together simultaneously
MyDesktop: Connect to your existing Windows desktop from anywhere
MyApplication: Turn Windows desktop applications into online apps you can access from anywhere
App & Files Cloud: Create a cloud from your existing computers, software and files.
Spaces: Create & manage individual user workspaces, including file and applications access.
Seamless Printing: Print locally or remotely without installing specialized drivers
Host or Cloud Server: Choose one of your servers or an optional MyQuickCloud Cloud Server as your host, or set up multiple hosts to create your perfect cloud for user workspaces, remote applications, business disaster recovery, and more.
Trial: Get started at with a free trial

Share, manage and expand your desktop applications from a simple, elegant administrative dashboard. Publish to users with just one click.

Simple steps to taking your desktop and applications to the cloud

Setting up MyQuickCloud is easy and takes only a few minutes.

1. Name your Cloud

It all starts by creating your cloud account, giving it a name and activating it.

Note: All accounts come with a Free Trial, offering a chance to experiment a little with MyQuickCloud if you choose.

2. Select & Configure the Host

This is the computer where QuickBooks and the company files you want to share are located.

Choose either to use your existing on-premise computer or get a Managed Cloud Server from MyQuickCloud.

A MyQuickCloud Host can be any Windows PC or server where desktop applications are installed. This could be your PC, your office server, a cloud server from another provider, or a MyQuickCloud Cloud server.

3. Share Applications

Any desktop application installed on the host can now be shared. The setup and administration of desktops and applications can be performed from any computer.

MyQuickCloud allows for the creation of MyWorkspace, MyDesktop or MyApplication.

MyWorkspace: A Cloud PC that follows you wherever you go. Each user gets a personal desktop on the selected host as well as a unique workspace to access shared files and applications.

MyDesktop: Connect to your existing Windows desktop. If you have your own private desktop already set up just the way like it, you can access it from anywhere.

MyApplication: An application available at any time and from anywhere, and part of the user workspace delivered by MyQuickCloud. Virtual applications run from the host and operate just as if they were installed on the local computer.

4. Work together

You can share your applications on MyQuickCloud with anyone (team, client, consultant…): simply share the application and invite the user to your MyQuickCloud.

Manage application and file access directly from MyQuickCloud, and give your users access to your applications from their devices.

Access using any device
Open Windows virtual desktops and applications from anywhere and using any device. MyQuickCloud supports running on MacOS, Windows, Android and iOS so we don’t limit your mobility.
Keep the application and data on the host, but let users work how and where it is right for them.