How It Works

Discover how easy it is to use our fully managed remote access, from anywhere

How does MyQuickCloud Work?

Easily give your business ultimate flexibility and freedom with MyQuickCloud

1) Create Your Account

Create your account from anywhere by going to our sign up page

Note: All accounts come with a Free Trial to get to play with MyQuickCloud before adopting it.

2) Set Up Your Host Computer

Download and install MyQuickCloud on the machine you want to access remotely

Self-Hosted: Any Windows PC/Server where desktop applications are installed.

Cloud Server: A Hosted Server provided and maintained by MyQuickCloud where we install the applications you need.

3) Connect From Your Remote Devices

Download and install MyQuickCloud from our website and log in to the application to start working

Note: You can download MyQuickCloud on as many remote devices as you need for free, you only pay for your remote user.

4) Work Remotely

Work on your newly created desktop or your existing Windows desktop and start sharing your applications.

The best bits
Open applications and virtual computers from anywhere at anytime from MacOS, Windows, Android and iOS.
Keep your applications on the host only.

Learn how we keep your data secure with MyQuickCloud

We understand that security and privacy of your data is paramount to your business

Data Remains On The Host

Applications are hosted on your own hardware. When working remotely the data never leaves your host network. Meaning you can work on any computer and know your data is safe.

End-to-End Encryption

All data including screen images, file transfers, keyboard or mouse input and character text is fully encrypted from end to end using a protected 128/256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) connection.


Handled by the MyQuickCloud application, you are not required to have a static IP, open any ports or make firewall changes. All connections are strictly outgoing.


When connected to the host, users have their own user profile and password. This means they have their own desktop and their own documents - they cannot access any other user's documents.