Frequently Asked Questions


  • What’s the difference between MyWorkspace, MyDesktop and MyApplication?

    For our full guide on the difference between our App types please check out our knowledgebase article here. 

  • Is it hard to set up? Do I need someone to help me set it up?

    To make sure our set up process is as straightforward as possible we have:

    Our expert support team are on hand to assist you if you have any issues during the setup. Alternatively, we can schedule an assisted setup with one of our on-boarding specialists. 

  • Is there a way to trial the software before I buy it?

    Absolutely! You can sign up and use our free 7-day, on-premise trial without having to enter your credit card and without any obligation to sign up when the trial is over.

    You have all the functionality of the MyQuickCloud application so you can make an informed decision on whether or not it is the right solution for you. Our managed cloud solution is not currently available for trials. 

  • Will people see what others are doing?

    No. Neither your remote users, nor the person in front of the host computer will see you working or moving the mouse around. The only person that can see what you are doing in MyQuickCloud, is you. 

  • Will multiple people be able to work on the host at the same time?

    Yes. MyQuickCloud creates a dedicated Windows user on the host computer and you log into that session. 

  • Can I copy files between my computer and the host ?

    With MyQuickCloud, moving files between the host and your local computer is easy. You can either move files within the file explorer (available when accessing from a Mac or Windows computer), or just copy and paste between those sessions (available when accessing from a Windows computer). 

  • How do I start using MyQuickCloud?

    We have a Getting Started guide that will show you how to create your account, define your host, publish your first app and start working remotely.

    On your first set up you will need to be on your host – that’s the computer with the programs on it that you want to access remotely. 

  • What’s the difference between MyQuickCloud and remote screen software?

    With remote screen technology you take control of the computer, which disturbs the person physically working on that machine.

    MyQuickCloud is different: you (or your colleague/client) access the host remotely while another user is still accessing that host locally as they usually would. The host's physical screen does not show what you are doing remotely. 

  • What is the difference between the on-premise and the managed cloud solutions?

    With the on-premise solution you can use any existing Windows computer as the host. The usual Windows permissions apply, so other users cannot access your protected folders (such as the Windows Folders like Documents, Downloads or Desktop). Your data stays on your host at all times, so you stay in complete control of it.

    With the managed cloud solution, we provide you with a Windows server that we setup, backup and manage in different datacenters. Our cloud servers are available 24/7 and are backed up every night. We take care of installing Windows updates and 3rd party software so you can focus on your business, rather than on your IT. 

  • What is a host?

    The host is the computer (running Microsoft Windows operating system) with the programs on it that you want to access remotely. It could be a computer: at home, in the office, in the cloud or one of our managed cloud servers. 

  • What is a user?

    user is a person (co-worker, client) with a MyQuickcloud login. A user can can connect from multiple devices, it's not locked to a single device. So a user can login from their tablet at home, or a computer in the office (one device at a time). 

  • What is MyQuickCloud?

    MyQuickCloud is the solution that allows multiple, simultaneous users to access computers and applications remotely.

    Whether you need to access your computer remotely, or share your desktop software with clients or colleagues. MyQuickCloud is the easy and affordable way to make your applications cloud and mobile.

    Have a look at our quick explainer video here

Account / Billing

  • What if I want to cancel?

    To cancel your account, log in online, open your subscription and click cancel. Your subscription will remain active until the end of your current paid period (month or year, depending on your subscription), and it will not be renewed. 

  • Are there any extra or hidden fees?

    All of our costs can be found on our pricing page, there are no extras and we do not charge set up fees. 

  • How do I change my subscription?

    You can easily change your subscription – adding/removing users, hosts or cloud servers – by logging in online and going to Subscription -> Overview. 

  • Am I bound to a contract?

    No, you can cancel at anytime before your renewal date. 

  • What are the different payment options?

    You can choose to pay monthly or yearly. Annual subscriptions receive a 10% discount!

    We accept major credits card such as Visa and MasterCard, as well as PayPal (using an American Express is also possible through your PayPal account). 

  • How do I subscribe to your service after the free trial?

    You can easily upgrade to a paid account at any time. Simply sign in to your online account, select how many users and hosts you need and enter your payment details. Your dashboard and all of your settings will be the same as they were during your trial. 


  • Can we print with MyQuickCloud?

    Yes, you can print from the host to your local printers or to any printer connected to the host. 

  • Can I have multiple hosts on my account?

    With MyQuickCloud you have the possibility to have multiple computers or servers setup as hosts. So you could have access to your computer at the office as well as your client's computer – all through the same simple and secure MyQuickCloud app. 

  • Is MyQuickCloud secure?

    Absolutely, with MyQuickCloud only the display and user interactions are streamed across a protected 2048 bit SSL secured connection. Your data never actually leaves your host computer. 

  • Will my application/add-on work with MyQuickCloud?

    Applications that can be installed and run on a recent Windows operating system should be accessible from MyQuickCloud without additional effort. If you are unsure, you can have a live chat with one of our friendly, expert support team techs. 

Managed Cloud

  • Does the price include the licenses of any applications?

    Your MyQuickCloud subscription only covers MyQuickCloud and the Windows operating system licenses corresponding to running and accessing the cloud server remotely. Options for Microsoft Office applications and licenses are available as options to your subscription. You would need to provide a valid license for any other program that you want to have installed on your cloud server. 

  • How do I move my files to the cloud server?

    With MyQuickCloud, moving files between the host and your local computer is easy. You can either move files within the file explorer (available when accessing from a Mac or Windows computer), or just copy and paste between those sessions (available when accessing from a Windows computer). 

  • How do I know which cloud server is right for me?

    There are several types of cloud server available and you can easily upgrade/downgrade to fit your need.

    We always recommend starting with a small server as it is already powerful enough for most usage, and then upgrade when you add more users or applications on your Server.

    Here are some guidelines to size up your Server:

    Small: Ideal for up to 2-3 users

    (1 vCPU, 2 GB, 10GB SSD)

    Standard: For heavier applications or up to 7-8 users

    (2 vCPU, 4 GB, 15GB SSD)

    Large: for enterprise use with more than 10 users

    (2 vCPU, 8 GB, 20GB SSD)

    Other options are available, just contact us

  • How do I get a cloud server?

    Cloud servers are available as an option to a paid subscription, just log in to your online account and update your subscription to add the cloud server of your choice.

    Once your subscription has been upgraded and the payment succeeds, the cloud server will be automatically added to your account. We will then contact you for additional information about the programs to install and setup your server accordingly (please allow up to 1 business day).

    Cloud servers are meant to be flexible and scalable, so you can upgrade or downgrade directly from your online account.

    Learn more in our Getting Started with a MyQuickCloud Cloud Server guide 

  • What is your managed cloud service?

    We provide, setup and maintain a server from one of the Amazon AWS datacenters. Our managed servers come in various sizes (available from the pricing page) and include:

    • 99.99% availability
    • Daily backup of your entire system
    • Applications are installed by our expert cloud engineers at no extra charge
    • Windows updates and maintenance fully managed
    • MyQuickCloud dashboard to manage the following feature directly from your computer: users management, sessions termination and server restarts
    • Firewall protection: cloud servers sit behind firewalls and are not accessible directly from the Internet. Instead, access is securely available using the MyQuickCloud app 

On Premise

  • Can I restrict access to users so they don’t have access to the entire host?

    Yes, with MyQuickCloud the usual Windows permissions and restrictions apply so other users (like your MyQuickCloud users) can only access their private folders as well as the Windows public folders.

    You can set additional permissions to either grant or deny access to specific folders, files and applications as you see fit. If you need help with this, just ask our expert support team. 

  • Does the host computer need to be switched on to be able to be accessed?

    Yes, the host needs to be switched on and connected to the internet for anyone else to be able to work from it remotely.

    If keeping your host online 24/7 is an issue then you can take one of our cloud servers which are always powered on, take a look at our Managed Cloud FAQ section

  • Will my data be backed up on MyQuickCloud?

    We back up our managed cloud servers daily however with the on-premise solution, you will need to manage your own backups. 

  • Can I use MyQuickCloud if I already have my own server?

    Yes, MyQuickCloud is a great way of providing your users with secure access to your server without needing to worry about firewall openings or static IP addresses. However you should ensure you have the required third party licenses corresponding to running and accessing your server remotely. 

  • What’s the difference between a host computer and a remote computer?

    The host is the computer with the programs on it that you want to access remotely.

    The remote computer is the device you’re sitting in front of that you are using to work remotely.

    Check out our explainer video here