For personal or business use, on-prem or cloud hosted…

Simple pricing, no surprises

Pricing is simple and straightforward

*billed monthly
10% discount for annual payments

Use your computers, a cloud server from us, or any combination of hosts


Start your cloud with an existing PC or Server.

Use your own IT infrastructure (Windows computer or Windows server) to build your own cloud and start sharing desktops and applications immediately.

Monthly price*: $25 per user. That’s it

*10% discount applied when paid annually.

Managed Cloud

Get a MyQuickCloud managed cloud server as your cloud host.

Use MyQuickCloud’s managed cloud server platform to host your desktops, applications and data.

  •  Small Server: 
    $50 (+$25/m per user)
  •  Standard Server: 
    $100 (+$25/m per user)
  •  Large Server: 
    $200 (+$25/m per user)

Monthly price*: $25 per user + cloud server rate

*10% discount applied when paid annually.

What is the difference between on-premise and managed cloud?

What is a user?

A user is a MyQuickCloud username which has been created in the MyQuickCloud account.

Each user has specific permissions, so a MyQuickCloud user account is generally assigned to a specific person.  A user is able to access any application, remote desktop or file he or she has been authorized to.

How long will it take us to start using MyQuickCloud?

MyQuickCloud can be setup within minutes if you are using your own computers.  Simply install the software, setup users and apps, and go!

Our cloud servers can take a bit longer to deploy, especially if we are installing a lot of applications for you.

What is a host?

A host is the computer or server that you are connecting to remotely. It is the computer where the programs and files you need to access are located.
A host can be a Windows PC (for remote access) or server on premises or a Windows Cloud Server.

How do I upgrade from the free trial?

You can easily upgrade to a paid account at any time. Simply sign in to your online account, select how many users and hosts you need and enter your payment details.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept credit cards & PayPal payments. You manage your subscription directly online.

What are the benefits of a Cloud Server?

The Cloud Server is managed and maintained by MyQuickCloud for you.
Always available, backed-up & maintained
Available directly in MyQuickCloud
No extra fee for additional programs
Flexible: change server type overnight

How do you keep my data safe and secure?

We take the privacy and security of your data very seriously. Your data does not leave the host computer. Only the display and user interactions are streamed across a protected 256 bit SSL secured connection.

What’s your support like?

We love our customers and strive to offer a world class support experience.  We can be reached via email (response within 2 hours), provide online live chat Mon – Fri from 6am – 6pm EST, and have a sales team available via phone from 8am – 5pm PST. We also provide 24×7 critical support for MyQuickCloud cloud servers.

How long is the trial?

The trial lasts 7 days, with all the features and up to 2 users. If you want more time to evaluate or more users, just subscribe using our month-to-month option.

Is there a contract or setup fees?

MyQuickcloud is available on a month-to-month subscription, with no setup fees or long-term contracts. Managed cloud servers are also offered on month-to-month basis, so businesses can add or reduce resources as needed. You can pay user subscriptions annually and receive a discount; there are no refunds and no prorates.

Compare MyQuickCloud Solutions

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Users (billed monthly)
$25 per user
Self Host (billed monthly)
1st host free
Additional hosts: +$10
Managed Server (billed monthly)
  • Small Server:
  • Standard Server:
  • Large Server:
Software Licenses (billed monthly)
Microsoft Office:
  • Per App / user:
  • Full Suite / user:
Other options (billed monthly)
Extra Storage:
  • Per 5GB / server:
Setup & Update
Annual discount
Remote Desktop/Remote Screen
Host & User Remote Management
End to End Encryption
File transfer & Copy/Paste
Remote Printing
Server Features
Daily Backup
Choice of Server Location

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