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Working across multiple business locations presents plenty of challenges. How do you ensure all of your staff are working on the same data and not several versions of the same file? How do you keep your applications up to date? Is it feasible to travel to the other locations if there is a technical issue?

Business Challenge

Whatever business you’re in, ensuring your staff are all working on the same data can present a challenge. But what if there are multiple sites? Whether you’re about to open your second business location or you’ve worked across multiple branches for years, the task of managing your infrastructure can be extremely daunting.


With MyQuickCloud it’s easy. All of your data and applications live on one computer, we call that computer the host. Everyone then uses MyQuickCloud (no matter where they are) to log onto that computer simultaneously and work from that computer.

You know everyone is working on the same data, because there’s only one version that everyone is working on on your host. If you need to update your applications you only have to do it once on the host (and you can do that from anywhere).  If anyone has an issue, you can log on to your host remotely to resolve the issue.

Alternatively you can take a managed cloud server with us and we’ll keep everything backed up, up to date and we can remote on and fix any issue your users may be having.

Hear what our customers say

Art galleries, like many other businesses, often have multiple locations as well as private viewings and on-the-go exhibitions. It is therefore important to ensure their inventory is kept up to date so staff do not promise the same item to two different buyers.

MyQuickCloud’s Managed Cloud solution allows Artsystems to deliver their industry-leading, art inventory technology via the cloud, giving their customers the ability to manage their inventories across multiple locations as well as remotely on their tablets or smartphones. They also get daily backups of their entire system so every customer can be sure that their databases are completely safe.

Should you take a cloud server or use your existing computer?

The questions to ask yourself are: how many users are going to simultaneously access the computer with the necessary programs installed on it? Do you have a computer that can handle that many people working on it? And do you have someone in the office who can take regular back ups and look after that machine if anything goes wrong?

If you are working across multiple locations with lots of users, these requirements can demand a significant investment. With a Managed Cloud Server all of those worries are taken away. We set it up, back it up, maintain it, update it and make sure it’s always available to your team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If however, you already have a PC or server big enough for what you need it for then go with on-premise!

How can Managed Cloud servers help your business?

Our managed cloud servers provide any business with a fast, secure and reliable way to work together on the same platform from anywhere in the world.

In the example above, Artsystems have taken that platform and used it to package their own industry-leading software to provide a great new product for their customers. That way they can focus on their software and winning new business, and leave the daily maintenance of the server to us.

How do you get started with a cloud server?

Cloud servers are available as an option to a paid subscription, just log in to your online account and update your subscription to add the cloud server of your choice.

We will then contact you for additional information such as which programs to install and then set up your server accordingly. We’ll let you know it’s ready to go and your team can start working!

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