How To

Join, Restart or Logout an existing session

With the release of MyQuickCloud client version 3.2.6 standard users are now able to restart and end their own remote sessions. We think this will be a real time saver for you as previously only admin users have been able to do this for you.

Now when you click on your MyDesktop, MyWorkspace or MyApplication, if you already have a logged in session you will be prompted with the following:

Join – If you click join this will load you back into your open session where you left off, all your applications etc will still be open and in the same state as when you left

Restart – This will log out your current session and then log you back into a new session. This is great for those times where the application you are using may have frozen and will not let you close it.

Logout – This will end your current session completely logging you off

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