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How do I update my internet browser?

The MyQuickCloud Web Application makes use of some new tools that are only available in the most up to date versions of the modern web browsers.

Many web browsers auto-update these days but it can be tempting to ignore the message to upgrade when we’re busy! Updating your browser not only means you get the most out of the web but it also ensures you are running the most recent security updates from your internet browser.

One of the easiest ways to ensure you are running the most up to date version of your browser is to go to the downloads page of their website. Select your browser from the list below and we’ll give you the link to their downloads page. Alternatively you can follow the instructions to install the update from within the browser, where applicable.

How to update Google Chrome

Either go to Google Chrome’s download page or enter chrome:\\chrome into your address bar to see what your current version. If there’s a new version waiting for you it will ask you to relaunch chrome.

How to update Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge relies on the Windows 8/10 operating system and has to be updated alongside Windows. So to update, press the windows icon in the bottom left of your screen and type in check for updates, then hit enter. Click check for updates and go make yourself a hot drink – we all know how long these can take!

How to update Opera

Opera should update itself but you can go to their downloads page to find the most recent update.

Alternatively click the Opera icon in the top left of the window, select About Opera, if the updates are available they will automatically start.

How to update Mozilla Firefox

Firefox should update automatically but it can be easy to get in the habit of ignoring its update prompt! You can download the most recent version of Firefox on their website.

Alternatively you can click the menu icon in the top right of the browser Firefox menu then click Help icon and then About Firefox. If there are any updates waiting it will ask you to Restart to update Firefox.

How to update Safari

Safari should update at the same time as your Mac however you may have turned off automatic updates. To update your Mac, go to the App store, click Updates at the top of the app store and then choose Update all.

If that option isn’t available, take a look at Apple’s help article on updating your Mac OS.

How to update Internet Explorer

Just like Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer has to be updated alongside Windows. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer is not a modern browser and as such we cannot support it in using the MyQuickCloud Web App. This is because it doesn’t have the crucial tools needed by our developers to run a MyQuickCloud session in your browser.

You have two options here you can either download one of the modern browsers above (we recommend Chrome) or you can use the MyQuickCloud Desktop Application. Remember if you get stuck at all you can always contact our friendly support team by opening a chat via our website.

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