Best Remote Job Board Sites to Find a Great Remote Job (Fast) in 2020

Best Remote Job Board Sites to Find a Great Remote Job (Fast) in 2020


It’s not surprising for remote jobs to be attractive right now. The coronavirus has caused a massive shift in the remote work sphere. Companies have realized the benefits of having remote work infrastructure and policies in place for business continuity. Employees have also experienced the benefits of working from home, and they don’t want the daily commute anymore. They have been more productive and more in control of their schedule. 

Also, the current economic recession and layoffs have seen more and more people jump on the remote work bandwagon. According to Google Trends, remote work job searches are at an all-time high. 

Finding remote jobs on a traditional job-hunting site is like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, there are some sites, job-boards, and companies with a remote-first mindset. You can get remote jobs from dedicated remote job boards, freelance and contract job boards, or tech-related remote work sites. 

With remote work looking like it’s the new normal, let’s look at the sites with jobs that will allow you to work from home, on a flexible schedule, and travel the world. 

Dedicated remote job boards

1. Flexjobs

It is a premium job board with over 50 categories of freelance, part-time, or full-time remote work projects. That’s practically more than 20K job listings. And guess what? It’s in almost every career. The fantastic thing about is the screen of all jobs before they’re posted. As an applicant, you don’t have to fret over dodgy or con jobs. The jobs are 100% legit. 

Well, the interface might confuse you sometimes, and you won’t get so many jobs from smaller companies or startups if you’re starting. Other than that, it is worth every dime. It’s so much better than browsing other sites with no results. It comes at $15 a month.

2. Remotive

A free job board that adds 25+ job posts/week in project management, design, sales, marketing, and customer service. Remotive also adds 30+ jobs weekly in the software development niche. 

It is a comprehensive job board that runs not only job listings but also a community and newsletter. They only share handpicked job posts. And we like that it displays any location restrictions clearly so you can easily use the filter option when applying. However, you can’t apply advanced keyword filters to your searches. 

3. Virtual Vocations

It is a US-based premium job board that has 41+ job categories. It’s a family-owned site that displays remote working posts in the US. And their team is remote based. So, well in! They also offer resume services and a blog to help you grow your remote career. 

Every week, there are 3500+ jobs added weekly across all career levels. They need to work on the formatting of the full descriptions. The only kicker is that they are a bit more expensive ($ 16/month) than FlexJobs, and it can get more pricy if you opt for long-term subscriptions. 

4. We Work Remotely

It is a prevalent free job board among the digital nomad community. They have even deemed themselves the largest remote work platform globally, with 2.5 million visitors/month. Big shot companies like Google, Amazon, Basecamp, etc. use We Work Remotely. 

We like their easy-to-use interface, multiple remote job resources, including a list of remote hiring companies. They add 20+jobs weekly in the sales, marketing, design, and support niches; and 40+ jobs in software development. The only kicker is the lack of advanced filters, so it’s challenging to get the most recent posts. 

Tech-related remote job boards

1. AngelList

It is a free remote job marketplace that hooks up startups with professionals. If you need a job in the startup sector, have an account with AngelList. They have hosted some of the most successful startups, including Uber, Strip, Facebook, and Postmates. Use the filter option to see the ‘remote only’ jobs. 

It is great for tech jobs, and you can see the company equity and salary offered upfront. 

2. Dribble

Do you have graphic design, UX design, Illustration, or Product design skills? Dribble is a platform that will allow you to display your work and create eye-catching portfolios. Clients can also quickly look through portfolios and pick the candidate for their next project. 

It’s a very user-friendly platform that allows you to filter ‘Remote friendly’ jobs on your dashboard. 

3. GitHub jobs

You got to give it to GitHub as they are a remote-only company. They also run one of the most popular software development communities. If you are looking for web development, full-stack to front-end jobs, or Ruby, it is worth a shot. The job hub is free, and exciting companies post with them. Also, if you have a Twitter account, follow them as they post jobs daily. 

4. Stack Overflow

It is another developer’s haven that hosts a job board and a community. It is perfect for any programming nerd as it puts developers first. Be assured that you’ll only view legit jobs. No scams or fakes. Apply the remote filter in the location field, and you’ll see all the jobs available. Oh! And it’s free. 


If you are a top-notch developer, will hook you up with clients that pay what you’re asking. They vet all their clients before they are accepted into the platform to ensure you both have a long-lasting relationship. They’ll help you set up your profile, showcase your achievement, and display your most elegant code. And the icing on the cake, they deduct their fee from the client, not your payments. 

Freelance or Contract remote job board

1. Upwork

It is one of the biggest freelancers marketplace hosting, even big boys like Microsoft, Airbnb, and Dropbox. It has jobs in almost every job category; you just have to choose your niche. From sales and marketing to design, writing, architecture, customer support, admin, etc. 

Create a profile, and you’re good to go. The kicker is that they chop off 20% of your pay, and you have to purchase ‘connects’ to apply for jobs. But it’s more of a pay-as-you-go pricing system, so it’s affordable. And you can create quite a great portfolio if you’re a newbie freelancer. 

2. Fiverr

Well, this platform focusses on ‘gigs,’ and as the name suggests, most jobs start at $5. You can set up tiered pricing of your skills with the basic way above the $5 mark. It’s one of the best places to develop your freelancing career if you’re beginning. You get to generate quite a portfolio. 

There you have it. Check out the sites and all the best as you actualize your remote working dreams.