A Real Alternative to Hosting

A Real Alternative to Hosting


You know the situation.

You have a customer who needs remote access to their applications. You think great we can do that. Then you look at the application and it integrates with other applications on the users’ desktop.

Ok, that’s a challenge but it’s not beyond your great team.

Then the customer drops the bomb shell that it’s not for all their users just a group of three.

You know that you can deliver what the customer wants but you also know that you can never do it for a price that you or the customer will be happy with.

So where does that leave your customer. You may be the software vendor who now has a customer looking at alternative suppliers; who can offer them the functionality that they want at an affordable price. Or you may be the IT company who provides support for all the company’s other services and you know that you don’t want to let the client down. Also, you certainly don’t want them to start looking around at other providers. And that’s one of the biggest challenges with delivering remote access for applications for smaller businesses.They want and need the same functionalities of a larger organization but they rarely have a budget that will allow you to deliver to your usual high service levels. 

By the time you have added the cost of hosting, licenses, security, deployment and support, the cost per user has shot through the roof. And for the IT providers don’t forgetting those software vendors that insist on doing the install and charging for it, even though it’s just a test environment.
Some service providers, with multi tenanted deployments of technologies like Citrix, are able to handle the hosting of all the other integrated applications. But they also run into unwanted costs, such as application testing, and these simply can’t be absorbed into deal of this size and the customer certainly won’t want to pick up the cost.

Some software companies have tens of thousands of customers that fall into this profile. While the end game may be to get all users on a SaaS version of the software, the reality is that this transition is going to take time, a long time. They are too small to serve with a cost effective hosting solution.

But there is a solution, a cool, neat, simple, secure solution that is also cost effective. MyQuickCloud allows users to have remote access to any of their desktop applications, even to share them with colleagues. Their local machine acts as the host, cutting out the cost of hosting, testing and deployment, and they can be up and running in five minutes. And as its their own machine acting as the host all the other applications are already integrated.
Or they might be using an internal server and again MyQuickCloud would give them remote access to this without the usual security issues.

And all for just $25 a user. No complex set up, no additional support over heads. Cool, neat, simple, secure and cost effective.