Working Remotely from Spain – it’s Not All Sand and Sangria!

Working Remotely from Spain – it’s Not All Sand and Sangria!


Working remotely from Spain – it’s not all sand and sangria!

Once a week here at the MyQuickCloud London office, we choose to avoid the busy commute and instead work from the comfort of our own home. Not only does this allow us to avoid the odorous underarms of strangers on the London Underground but for many of us it allows us to focus on our work, away from the noise and distractions of the office.

dave with a chameleon

About the author – his name is Dave, he’s one of our support techs and he was way too excited when he found this chameleon walking around

Let me now introduce myself, my name is Dave and I am one of the Support Technicians here at MyQuickCloud. If you open a chat with us, you will likely be greeted by me! When I’m not helping our customers through the chat or via email, I can usually be found buried beneath a mound of paper, coloured crayons and coffee cups! That’s because I regularly evaluate how we talk about ourselves and our product here at MyQuickCloud – and I am not very good at keeping my desk tidy.

This week though I have absconded the busy streets of London (and my usual rainy bike ride to work) for sunnier climes – more specifically I am working from Almería on the south coast of Spain. How did I get away with that you ask? Well, it would hypocritical of us here at MyQuickCloud to talk about the advantages of remote working if we never worked remotely! And besides, the team were getting tired of the mess and noise I was making in the office.

As much as I would love to say that my entire week was spent on the beaches of southern Spain, sipping sangria and working on my sunburn…

Return flights from London to Europe are often very cheap but they often come without hold luggage. With MyQuickCloud at my disposal I was able to borrow a friend’s laptop in Almería, meaning I could save space in my backpack that would otherwise be taken up by my laptop and charger. Because all of our systems are held within our digital workspace – and there’s no risk of any data being left on a borrowed PC – I was able to find a WiFi spot, download MyQuickCloud to my friend’s laptop and start working!

“The rabbit goes down his hole, not up it!” Dave’s friends patiently put up with his rock climbing instruction.

As much as I would love to say that my entire week was spent on the beaches of southern Spain, sipping sangria and working on my sunburn; I did in fact have an incredible amount of work to get on with. I therefore chose to work at the local university and take advantage of free WiFi, cheap coffee and a quiet workspace. That was of course until the time came to close my laptop for the day and enjoy the rest of the sun, the sea and of course the tapas!

Working at MyQuickCloud is great, and I’m not just saying that because I get paid to! I’m able to develop my skills as a technician and a web designer, and to apply that knowledge in the work that I relate to most – namely ensuring our customers and prospective customers understand, and make use of, the incredible opportunities that our technology provides. This week I was able to take up a friend’s generous offer of a place to stay in his home town, to concentrate on my work on our upcoming website release, and do what I enjoy most – explore the outdoors and eat lots of food. And all without disrupting the workflow of the rest of the team. All of that was possible because MyQuickCloud provides a simple, straight-forward solution to working digitally. I didn’t have to worry about borrowing a laptop, I didn’t have to worry that the university WiFi would block my remote connection and I didn’t need to worry that I left a crucial file on my work laptop 1,400 miles away!

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