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How to work from home with MyQuickCloud

About this guide

This guide is aimed at showing new users how to set up MyQuickCloud so they can work from home (or anywhere!). You don’t need to be technical, just follow the steps to get everything ready.

Once you have completed these steps you can view our other guides including how to set up your subscription and how to get started with QuickBooks.

In this guide we’re going to go through the following steps:
  1. Creating your account
  2. Defining your host
  3. Publishing your first app
1) Create Your Account

Creating your account is easy, simply click the button below to open the signup page in a new tab and fill out all of the details.

2) Define your host

The host is the computer with the programs on it that you want to access remotely. If you aren’t on your host computer now, you can close your browser and log in from our website to carry on where you left off.

First you need to install MyQuickCloud. Once it has finished downloading, click to run the installer. Once it has finished installing you will need to click the green ‘Continue with Online Setup’ button. Then, go back to your browser and click the blue ‘I’ve finished the installer’ button, right at the bottom of the page – see the animation above.

Next you’ll need to add your PC as the host. To do you’ll need to tell Windows you are happy for this PC to become your host. The Windows Elevation prompt will appear automatically, if you are not a Windows Administrator it will ask you to enter the login details of someone on that PC who is an administrator.

If you get stuck simply open a chat with our support team using the green ‘Chat Now’ button at the bottom of your screen.

3) Publish your first app

The last part of the set up is best carried out in the MyQuickCloud desktop application, which gives you access to all of our features.

If you want to work remotely, you probably want to connect to your existing desktop and documents that you use on the host (but from another location). To do that you can use a MyDesktop app. Watch the animation and see the steps below.

  1. Minimize your browser
  2. Open the MyQuickCloud desktop application
  3. Click Add New App and choose MyDesktop
  4. Return to the dashboard and give it a second or hit refresh in the top right
  5. Click your new app
  6. Choose which username you want to connect to

Please note – You can’t connect to your own user while logged in as that same user (it causes Windows to become very confused). But log in as yourself on a remote device, be it a laptop, Mac, Android, or iOS device, and you will see how it will work when you are away.

Just remember – To leave your host on and not in sleep mode to make it available. If you can’t guarantee your host will always be online, take a look at our Managed Cloud Server solution.

And that’s it! You’re all set. Just click the app on your dashboard to work remotely!

Alternatively if you want to create a brand new user, desktop and documents to work with, it’s best to choose MyWorkspace – take a look at our usual Getting Started guide. A more complete explanation of the differences can be found in our knowledgebase – Do I choose MyWorkspace, MyDesktop or MyApplication?

What’s next?

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