Training for a Half Marathon and Changing Careers…What Could Go Wrong?

Training for a Half Marathon and Changing Careers…What Could Go Wrong?


Working and training

My loving (sometimes grumpy and always straight to the point) Grandad

My loving (sometimes grumpy and always straight to the point) Grandad

Training for a half marathon and changing your career goes hand in hand right? I mean it’s only 13.1 miles. What could possibly go wrong?

I previously worked in a call center so that meant marathon training took a back seat to a few things. One was trying to fit training in around shift patterns. The other was making sure that I had enough energy at the end of a shift to run. This changed when I joined MyQuickCloud as working from home has given me much more freedom with my training.

So I suppose you’re probably all wondering why I took on this crazy feat? Well just less than a year ago I lost my hero; my loving (sometimes grumpy and always straight to the point) Grandad – heartbreak!

Taking up the challenge

So what do you do in a moment of madness … decide you’re going to run a marathon. (Well ok just half but that’s far enough for now). My Grandad lived with Dementia and I have to say, he was very good at doing so! We will never know if it was the medication that helped or, if it was just him. When we took him out for tea he would ask my mum countless times “is this your car or Micks?” My mum would tell him it was hers but she let my step dad drive it occasionally.

He would tell me not to fob him off with the closest walking stick I could find – he wanted his stick. And when he started telling me “by gum lass your bum looks big in them trousers” there was no doubt in my mind, he was the same person that used to tell me to “get that muck off your face and nails”! This had been when I was 10 – trying to act grown up with make up and nail varnish.

…by gum lass your bum looks big in them trousers!

Bridlington Half Marathon 2018 race gear

Got my number!

Anyway, the actual reason I am running is for Dementia UK (Admiral Nurses). They provide the most amazing support for individuals and families living with Dementia and they provide nurses who are specifically trained to deal with Dementia. My Auntie was a super hero and cared for my Grandad 24/7 with very little help. And although the support wasn’t necessary for us, Dementia UK was never mentioned to us and I think for some people this care could be invaluable.

Not everyone is as supportive as you’d expect!

I have grown to love running. This is something I never thought I’d hear myself say. It’s completely addictive thinking in your head “just one more mile”. After my morning porridge and a strong black coffee (to clear my head and to give me a bit of a boost) I’m off! And I usually don’t look back. Except when you hear someone shouting “MORNING” behind you. You’re never quite sure if they’re being polite or if they’re just trying to be nice. Is it because they’re running passed you so fast you feel you may as well be walking?! I mean I have even roped my spaniel, Brian, into training – which he was not best impressed with.

However I have found these comments to be the most inspirational ones of all, because I grit my teeth and think you just watch me!

I am not a runner and everyone tells me so. Honestly, I wish I had a pound for every time I’ve heard “you’re the wrong shape”, “you’re not tall enough”, “you need to look like a runner bean” (no pun intended). I would be rich! However I have found these comments to be the most inspirational ones of all, because I grit my teeth and think you just watch me! I will (just about) run this ridiculous, excruciating half marathon even if I have to do it on my hands – only kidding, it’s been hard enough on my feet.

Working from home

Working from home has given me a new lease of life with my running (even with all of the shin splints, knee, ankle and hip injuries I’ve encountered, but we wont mention them).

People think that this means I just have more time to run but it really doesn’t. It means that I don’t have to wake up at 4am to eat porridge two hours before my run and get to work for 9am; it means I can boil the kettle and have a strong black coffee an hour before I finish work and be changed, ready to set off as soon as the clock turns 5pm; and it means I don’t spend all my evenings and mornings training. I can do some cooking or housework (very unlikely) before I start. And because of these things my work-life balance has improved too. In fact I would go as far as saying that I love my job and the opportunities that it gives me not just with running but with everything.

I do go down to London once a month which brings a 5am start, and of course on those days I don’t have the energy to train. But the amount of walking I do on the tube to get from once place to another may as well be part of my training schedule because it’s hard work! For me walking to the office is very inspirational. I love the big city and the hustle and bustle of everything buzzing around you.

Race day is almost here!

So I am all set and ready for the 7th October (race day) to grace me with its presence. I’m prepared; I have my name ironed on my shirt (so you can tell which one I am when I’m laying on the floor). I’ve chosen which crazy leggings I would like to wear (which was a difficult choice), and most importantly I have raised a lot of money for the most wonderful charity. I am super grateful for the opportunity changing my career path has given me and who knows maybe onto the London Marathon next year?

And of course I will be running this half marathon with muck on my nails ha!

Race number nail varnish

Im sure Grandad would be proud of the muck on my nails!

Crazy colored legging collection

hmm…which to choose?