How Partners are Building Value with MyQuickCloud

How Partners are Building Value with MyQuickCloud


MyQuickCloud partners are a very clever bunch, many of them very successful tech companies in their own right, we asked them how they are building value by using MyQuickCloud.


Here are some of the ways that our partners are doing this.


Responding to customer demands

The demand for online access to desktop software is ever increasing.  While many of the MyQuickCloud partners have produced online versions of their software, it is fair to say that these often do not feature the full features of the desktop version or they struggle with integration of third party applications.

The customers are demanding remote access, one partner reported over 50% of their users wanted this feature but it is often not so quick or easy to achieve this.  Along with the expense and time taken in recoding the application there is the complexity in getting a cloud based application to integrate even with something as ubiquitous as Microsoft Excel.

For many of these partners it is inevitable that they will eventually transform their own business into proving solely cloud based services but they are facing a real challenge of current customer demands.  The customers will not wait.

So these partners report that they are using MyQuickCloud to meet this challenge, and it is quick and easy.


Adding premium features with no coding or risk

A MyQuickCloud partner said that they have over 30 of their own software products that they currently sell and support.  They have a team of highly skilled and experienced developers but there is always a bit of a battle about what product has priority for this resource, resulting in some products receiving less attention than they might in ideal circumstances.  To counteract this, they are using MyQuickCloud to provide these products with premium features such as remote access and application sharing without having to tie up their development team.


Reconnecting with old customers

In a large installed base, it can be hard to keep in the hearts and minds of the users.  When something is great and it works then the end user companies have very little reason to contact the software vendor and the software vendor has very little to communicate with the customers other than to try to get them to upgrade to a new version.  One partner has told us that they have over 60,000 installs that purchased their software over 3 years ago and that still use it but they have no reason the upgrade.  They are using MyQuickCloud to reconnect with base by adding application sharing and remote access to their legacy product.  Their old customers are now reconnecting with them to take the new features but also to upgrade their version of the partner’s application.


Protecting their base

When a customer cancels without speaking to you first it can hurt, and after the third time in a week one partner decided that enough was enough.  He started calling his customers asking them why they would stay with them and what might make them go elsewhere.   The overriding message was that the customers wanted greater flexibility to use the products.  The tipping point had come quickly and while the partner knew he had to do something he hadn’t realised the urgency.  After a period of evaluating a number of alternatives they chose to partner with MyQuickCloud because of the speed and simplicity of the service.  Now their customers have the features they want with the software they use and the partner has stemmed the flow of customers to competitors.


Simply selling more to existing customers

Winning a customer is always a challenge, keeping them and getting renewals another but when you have built a happy and loyal customer base you should look to grow your revenue from every user.  And that’s exactly what one of our partners, an IT services company, has been doing.  They are using MyQuickCloud as a great way to help their customers transition to the cloud and generate additions revenue from with they base. The monthly recurring revenue and high margin made MyQuickCloud a simple choice for the partner.