Bring Your Own Device


Many  businesses, especially startups, find the investment for new employee’s work laptops a lot to bear. They also have to keep up with constant updates and yearly technology changes. These days company employees increasingly want to use their own devices to access corporate data.

Business Challenge

Your company has some critical applications and data that your staff, students or clients need access to.

The number of people that need access to those resources could be very large or constantly changing. You may not have the time, the budget or the necessary IT team required to: buy each of those users a laptop, install (and keep up to date) all of those critical applications, and then provide access to a shared drive either over a network or over the web.


With MyQuickCloud you can set up a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) work environment. Each user brings their own laptop, tablet or smartphone to work from. The user installs MyQuickCloud, logs in to the user that you set up for them, and is then able to access the critical applications and data that you keep stored on one machine in your office or in the cloud.

When the user no longer needs access to your resources, you simply remove their access to MyQuickCloud. When you need to update your applications, you just update them on that one machine. After you user has finished working each day you do not need to worry about bits of data being left on their machine, because nothing leaves your host computer.

Be more flexible

BYOD allows your users to work where they want and from the device they are used to – whether they are team PC or team Mac!

Be more secure

Because your applications and data are running from your machine, you can be less concerned about your users introducing malware or losing company data.

Be more streamlined

Reduce costs and have your users up and running in minutes. They don’t even need to come in to the office to get set up, just send them their login details and away they go!

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