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We offer two great solutions to accessing your desktop applications remotely

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Which solution is right for you?

You could use your existing computer, or take one of our managed cloud servers

On Premise

Turn your existing IT infrastructure into your own private cloud

Our on-premise solution lets you access your computer remotely, or to share your desktop applications securely over the internet, without the need for static IP addresses or firewall changes.

The usual Windows permissions apply, so other users cannot access your protected folders (such as the Windows Folders like Documents, Downloads or Desktop). Your data stays on your host at all times, so you stay in complete control of it.

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What's more, unlike most remote access technologies, there are no screen takeovers. So someone else can work on the computer at the same time without seeing your work or logging you off.

Managed Cloud

The ultimate business solution for companies looking to work remotely.

Imagine you had an in-house IT team managing a machine that everyone can access remotely; it’s backed up everyday, and can be upgraded in an instant as your business grows. Now just remove the ongoing cost of an IT team and the initial investment of a server! Everything is taken care of by MyQuickCloud.

Cloud servers look and feel the same as any other Windows PC you would have in the office, it just lives in the cloud rather than on your desk.

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Our servers are held in highly secure Amazon AWS Datacenters all around the world. We backup your system every night (and before we do any updates or installs), so you can be sure that your data is always safe!

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