MyQuickCloud – 50 Smartest Companies of Year 2017

MyQuickCloud – 50 Smartest Companies of Year 2017


MyQuickCloud in 50 Smartest Companies Of Year 2017

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“We liberate your desktop programs and make them available any time anywhere”

MyQuickCloud is a tool for managing mobility for a business, including connections, computers, and applications. The company has continually improved the product to meet increasing demande for multi-platform client capability, support for existing network security model, and flexible deployment options.

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in London, UK, the company works with end users and an international partner channel. This partner channel includes software companies who are looking to add cloud like functionality to their desktop applications and IT specialists who are using MyQuickCloud to deliver secure access to applications and server-based computing solutions to companies. MyQuickCloud now operates from data centers across the US, Europe and Asia with thousands of loyal small business customers all over the globe, all reaping the benefits of its secure remote access, desktop applications sharing technology and cloud solutions.

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