MyQuickCloud Helps Small Businesses Reduce Cost And Increase Productivity

MyQuickCloud Helps Small Businesses Reduce Cost And Increase Productivity


Below is our recent interview with Loic Le Marois, Marketing Manager at MyQuickCloud

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to MyQuickCloud?

A: MyQuickCloud is an intuitive mobility solution. With our solution, users can work remotely from anywhere at anytime. It is ideal for people who want to collaborate with colleagues or external resources. For example, MyQuickCloud is great for helping business owners, bookkeepers and accountants to work together. Another advantage of MyQuickCloud is to centralize the access to the same data and applications from multiple locations using our on-premise or Managed Cloud solutions. So that users can work on the applications in real time.


Q: Can you give insights into your features?

A: With MyQuickCloud, different users can work on the same remote application at the same time. It is very flexible, secure and easy to get started. MyQuickCloud makes printing easy, with the ability to print both remotely and locally.

With our Managed Cloud hosting solution, users can have their private desktop in the cloud which includes backups, maintenance and ongoing updates handled directly by our team of experts. Businesses can also take advantage of the MyQuickCloud solution on-premise. That way, they can use their existing computers to offer mobility access to employees and consultants.

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