Welcome to MyQuickCloud

New Cloud Solution from MyQuickCloud

Use your desktop applications in the cloud. Create your own private cloud, liberating desktops and applications so you can access them at any time and from anywhere.

MyQuickCloud works with your desktop, notebook, tablet and mobile device so you can work no matter where you are with whatever device you have.

Why MyQuickCloud?

  • Bring remote offices together into a single working environment

  • Remotely access business applications and data from multiple devices, securely

  • Access Windows desktops and applications from Mac OS and Apple iOS devices

  • Use on premises systems or managed cloud servers to create your own custom or hybrid cloud

  • Safely extend applications to outside contractors and co-workers


Immediate solution, simple set up
Add-on to existing programs, no changes required
Any desktop program can be "cloudified"
Secure office-based solution
Multi-user mode for more productivity
Connect from Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android devices.

Check out the MyQuickCloud Product Sheet to get the details or read the Getting Started guide to see how to set up your cloud in a few simple steps