Your Application Is Frozen or Won’t Start


If your program is not responding, you may find the usual Ctrl, Alt + Delete will only bring up your computer’s task manager and not the host’s. There are a few options to reset your application which is the subject of this article.

Method 1 – Log off and on fully

Clicking the close button in the blue bar at the top of the remote desktop connection will only disconnect you temporarily from your session, it won’t close your programs.

  • To log off fully and close your applications click the “Start” button in the task bar and choose “Log off
  • Alternatively minimise all your apps and click the MyQuickCloud “Logout” button on the right hand side of the desktop:

Logout button

  • Now when you open your app through MyQuickCloud, you will be given a new session.

Method 2 – Restarting the user session

Users are able to restart or logout their own sessions now by clicking the relevant app in the MyQuickCloud dashboard and choosing the restart option – You can see more detail here – Join, Restart or Logout an existing session

Alternatively a MyQuickCloud admin can close any sessions opened by users on the host computer. Go to “Manage” > “Hosts” and click the Properties button next to the host that you are connecting to.

From there you can close your user session to the host, which is the same as logging off. It may take a moment to load the user sessions for that host so give it a moment if it says nothing is connected to it. When asked if you wish to proceed, click “OK” and you will be able to log back in again to a fresh session.

You can preform this same method via the Web App by clicking on the menu button  then selecting Hosts, under the Cloud Tab.

You will then see a list of currently connected users, from here you can disconnect any user by clicking on the X next to their name.

Method 3 – Restarting the host computer remotely

If all else fails and you want to restart the host computer but don’t have anybody sat in front of it, you can restart the host by going to “Manage” > “Hosts”, click the Properties icon next to the correct host and choose Restart.

Please Note: If there are any other users logged in then their sessions will be closed and they will lose any unsaved work.

If all of the above steps fail then open a chat with us via the website and we will be happy to help.


To restart the host via the Web App Click on the Menu button on the top left of the screen, then click Hosts under the Cloud Tab.

You can then restart the host by pressing the power button on the top right of the Hosts screen.

Method 4 – Task Manager

Ctrl, Alt + Delete may not work but there are a few other options depending on which version of Windows you are running.

Windows 7+
Right click the Windows icon in the task bar, you will either see Task Manager there or if not, you may see Run. If you can only see Run, click that and type in taskmgr, and then click “OK“.

Older Versions of Windows

Click Start, Choose Run and type in TaskMgr. Click OK and you will see the Task Manager appear.

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