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Which host do I choose in the MyQuickCloud setup?

When setting up MyQuickCloud for the first time, you will be asked if you want to choose to:

  • remotely access the PC you are on,
  • setup a managed cloud server,

So let’s look at each of those options individually.

Access this computer remotely

Ok so let’s say you have a computer in the office with the programs on it that you want to access remotely. It could be your desktop PC that you use day-to-day, or it could be your colleague’s computer, or your client’s server. We call this machine ‘the host’. The host is the PC with the programs on it that you want to access remotely. Using your own PC as the host means you are using our on-premise solution rather than our managed cloud server solution (more on that later).

Take a look at the video below to see the difference between our on-premise and managed cloud solution.

Here are some examples of customer use cases that usually apply for our on-premise solution:

  • I want to work from home, but I don’t want anyone in the office to see what I am working on.
  • My book keeper needs access to the accounting software installed on my PC over the internet.
  • My client needs me to remotely access programs installed on their computer, without disturbing their workflow!
  • I need my employees to access QuickBooks remotely over the internet, they all need to work simultaneously.

Setup a managed cloud server

A Managed Cloud Server is the ultimate business solution for companies looking to work remotely.

Cloud servers look and feel the same as any other Windows PC you would have in the office, it just lives in the cloud rather than on your desk.

So imagine you had an in-house IT team managing a machine that everyone can access remotely; it’s backed up everyday, and can be upgraded in an instant as your business grows. Now just remove the ongoing cost of an IT team and the initial investment of a server! Everything is taken care of by MyQuickCloud.

Want to learn more about Managed Cloud Servers? Take a look at our Getting Started with a MyQuickCloud Cloud Server guide.

Access a different PC remotely

Ok so let’s say the first option (access this computer remotely) applies but the computer you are sat in front of right now, is not the computer with the programs on it that you want to access remotely. It might be the computer you want to work on remotely, or you might be on your computer and you need to set up your client’s computer as the host.

No problem! Just go to our website ( from the computer with the programs on it that you want to access remotely, and carry on the setup where you left. It’s that easy!

I’m still not sure which to choose!

No problem! Just open a chat with us via our website and speak to a member of our friendly sales team. They’ll go through your business needs and recommend the solution that’s best for you.

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