Security – Self Hosting


We understand the security and privacy of your data is paramount to your business and therefore we have taken the following steps to ensure that MyQuickCloud meets your security requirements.

  • Because the applications are still hosted on your own hardware, When accessing remotely your data does not leave your computer or network. Only the display and user interactions are streamed across a protected 128/256 bit SSL secured connection.
  • The connectivity is handled by the MyQuickCloud application (For more information see connectivity section below) meaning that you are not required to have a static IP, open any ports or make any firewall changes. All connections are solely outgoing.
  • You have control over which applications and data you allow your users to access


Designed to ensure maximum security both externally and internally

MyQuickClouds powerful data encryption technology protects all data transmitted externally. Internally, its privacy settings mean each employee has designated access to set applications and files.

State-of-the-art encryption mechanism to protect your data

MyQuickCloud uses a powerful encryption mechanism (SSL: Secure Socket Layer) for all data transmitted from one computer to another. Only your computers have the keys to decipher the data, meaning that anybody getting hold of the data would not be able to decrypt it. Therefore you can access your host computer from anywhere – your home PC, from a public network or a shared computer, secure in the knowledge that your data is completely safe.

End-to-end encryption of all your data

MyQuickCloud has 128/256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption built in. All data including screen images, file transfers, keyboard and mouse input and chat text is fully encrypted from end to end. The encryption key is unique for each connection. The access code itself resides on the host computer and is never transmitted or stored on our servers. For this reason, it is impossible, even with the most sophisticated devices, to intercept the data necessary to decode the encryption. Transmissions cannot be hacked or compromised in any way. This technology is used by all secure and payment pages on the internet and is both secure and reliable.

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