MyQuickCloud Installer on Mac Is Damaged or Corrupt and Cannot Be Installed

Issue: A recent Sierra Security Update does not allow apps/software downloaded from the internet to be installed on Macs.

Different versions will give you a different error message but it will say something like: ‘MyQuickCloud-Setup.dmg is damaged or corrupt and can’t be opened. You should move it to the trash.’

Try solution 1, if you are not given the option to change this setting then you will need to follow solution 2. If you need help following these instruction, get in touch with our support team and we can remote on and assist you.

Please note: These instructions are from third party websites and are not affiliated with MyQuickCloud in any way. Please exercise caution when following any external links from this site. 

Solution 1 – for earlier versions of Mac OS X

Solution 2 – for later versions of Mac OS X (Mojave)

Solution 3 – Connect via the MyQuickCloud WebApp

If you would rather not to make any changes – or you’re simply in a hurry – try connecting via the new WebApp, through your existing MyQuickCloud account here:


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