How To

Managing Your Existing Apps / Desktops

From the App management screen you can change the app permissions, un-publish (delete) existing apps or publish (create) new apps.

  1. Permissions: You will see which users can access each app plus you will be able to add and remove users. This will automatically update which apps they see in their Dashboard.
  2. Un-Publish App: Un-publishing an app will delete it from all user Dashboards.
  3. Create New: Publish a new application from your remote server which will be available to users. We cover this in our Getting Started guide.

1. Permissions

Clicking on the Users button will display the Apps permission pane. From here you can add or remove apps from the user’s Dashboard by checking/unchecking the boxes, then clicking Next.

2. Un-Publish An App

Deleting apps is also a simple process, you simply click on the cross icon and you will be presented with the Unpublish Application confirmation screen, simply click OK. This is useful when you reach the limit on the number of apps for your subscription.

This will also remove the app from all user Dashboards.

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