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How To Use MyQuickCloud Spaces

Getting Started

One of the fundamental features of MyQuickCloud is that all users are entirely independent from each other. As a consequence, each user has its own personal documents, not accessible to other users, on the Host computer.

However, by enabling simultaneous multi-user access to the Host computer, MyQuickCloud promotes collaboration between users and with it comes the need to share files and folders.

MyQuickCloud Spaces have been designed as a quick and easy way to address this need without changing the way you work.


All the administration of the Spaces is done from the Spaces tab, under Manage, when logged in as a MyQuickCloud Admin user.

Create a Space

The first time you open the Spaces tab, an empty list is displayed as no spaces have been created yet.

You can create your first space by clicking on the Create new button in the bottom left corner. (see picture below)

The creation of a space is a 2-step process:
1) Choose a name: The name identifying the Space. This should be something explicit and comprehensive for the users accessing the Space. (Note: The name of a Space must be unique for a given Host computer)
2) Assign users: Select the MyQuickCloud users who need be allowed to access the Space by ticking the checkboxes next to their usernames. (Note: This can be changed at any time after the Space is created)
That’s it, you’ve just created your first space!

Assign Users

Users allowed to access a Space can be changed at all times. Unauthorized users will be denied access to the content of the Space on the Host computer.

The list of users assigned toa Space can be changed from the Spaces tab by clicking on the button in the Users column of a Space. (see picture on the right)

Please Note: Permissions assigned to a user will only become effective at the user’s next connection.

Using MyQuickCloud Spaces

Once users have been granted access to a Space, they can access and modify its content directly in the Windows Explorer at the following location: C:\Users\Public\Documents\MyQuickCloud

The folder MyQuickCloud in the Public Documents is accessible by all logged-in users and contains all the Spaces for this Host computer. However, access to the Space folders inside is restricted according to the users assigned in MyQuickCloud.

Inside a spaces folder, authorized users can add, edit and delete files and folders according to their needs.


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