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How To – Print with MyQuickCloud


MyQuickCloud makes printing remotely easy, with the ability to print to both remotely and locally. Remote printers are those connected to the host computer (e.g. the office PC). Local printers are those connected locally to you (e.g. connected via a USB at home).

What Do You Need?

  •  A host with MyQuickCloud installed
  • An admin or user account signed into MyQuickCloud on your remote computer
  • A printer set up on either the host (for remote printing) or the user machine (for local printing)

Printing Remotely

As MyQuickCloud creates a remote session on the host machine, as if you were sitting in front of it, any printers that are attached to the host are automatically available to print to. Just select the correct printer as you would normally and you will be able to print to it.

Printing Locally

To print to a printer that is attached to your local computer (the one you are using to connect to the host computer), you will need to follow these steps:

  • When prompted to choose a printer by the application you are working on, choose the MyQuickCloud Printer and then click “Print”

  • A blue pop-up window will appear. You will see your current default local printer as highlighted below. If that is the correct printer and you do not need to change any printer settings then you can just click “Print” and your document will begin to print

  • If you do wish to change to a different printer or change any settings such as duplex then simply click on the printer name and you will be presented with your normal printer settings dialog box. Make any changes necessary and then click “Print” on the MyQuickCloud Print pop up.

Running Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008?

If so then the following additional steps will need to be completed before being able to use MyQuickCloud Print:

  • Open a Virtual Desktop on the host (or login directly on the host computer)
  • Open Windows Explorer and go to the following folder
    • For 64-bit computers: C:\Program Files\Vedivi\MQCServer\tmp\print\driver\x64
    • For 32-bit computers: C:\Program Files\Vedivi\MQCServer\tmp\print\x86
  • Right-click on “install.bat“, select “Run as administrator” and follow the instructions
  • Restart the host computer

Alternative Printing Method:

If you prefer you can also use the Microsoft redirected printing method. This is where you print to your local printer that has been added with the (redirected) suffix. If your printer does not appear you will need to install your local printer drivers on the remote host machine and then reboot the host.


You can also see the steps above in action in the following video

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