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How To – Manage a Host

With MyQuickCloud Host Management, an administrator can remotely check who is currently connected and disconnect users or even restart the host.

Disconnecting users is often useful when an application (like QuickBooks for instance) is not performing as it should. In most cases, disconnecting that users session is enough to solve it.

To open the host management console:

Click on the “Manage” tab to expand the option list

Click on the “Hosts” icon

The hosts available on the account will be listed automatically.

 To manage a specific host, click on the edit button next to the host you need to edit.

How to disconnect a user

To disconnect a user and reset their session:

 Click on the close button next to all sessions listed for that user.

Please Note: there might be more than one connection for a given user, just close all the sessions for that user.

How to restart the host

The restart process might take several minutes, once the host has restarted it will be listed again as online. You can also refresh the MyQuickCloud dashboard by clicking on the double arrows on the top right corner.

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