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How to Add Users to your MyQuickCloud Subscription


Your MyQuickCloud Account is where you can update your payment details, add additional users, download invoices and more.To add additional users you just need to log in, update your subscription, configure your new users and they will be ready to go.

Take a look at our Getting your Users Started Guide to see a full walk-through video of these steps and how to get your users ready to go!

Step 1 – Update your subscription

Log in to your account via, on the left hand side of the page click “Subscription” > “Overview“. Click the green Edit icon in the top right corner of the subscription section.

Set the total number of users that you require in the Subscription section. Any users that you have already paid for will not be include in the subtotal in the Preview section on the right hand side of the page. When you are done, click “Update Subscription”.

Step 2 – Configure your new users

On the left hand side of the account site, click “Cloud” > “Users“, it may take a moment to update the subscription so refresh the page if required but you should see the number of available users increase.

Click “Create User“, give your user a name, alias, email address, and password. Choose whether to make them an administrator or a standard user.

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