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How To – Add a Host

The Host is the computer with the programs on it that you want to access remotely. The MyQuickCloud administrator (admin user) can add Host computers to your cloud.

Step 1

Download MyQuickCloud from the MyQuickCloud Downloads page:

Step 2

Launch MyQuickCloud, after the first use configuration, sign into MyQuickCloud with your account credentials.

Step 3

Click on the “Manage” tab  on the left to open up the admin options.

Then select the “Hosts” tab option.

On the host tab, click on “Add this computer” button

Step 4

Click Next in the wizard and the computer will be set up as a host (might take a minute or two).

Please Note: To setup a host you will need Administrator privileges on the host computer.

Now that the computer is added as a host, you can start publishing applications from MyQuickCloud.

Please Note: Configuration of the newly added host can be done from any MyQuickCloud (you don’t have to be on the host computer to publish apps).

Video: How to add a host


Still Stuck?

You can go through the steps to manually add the host or you can contact us and our techs can remote on and investigate.

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