Seamless Printing with MyQuickCloud

Seamless Printing with MyQuickCloud


Hello, as this is my first post on the blog, let me quickly introduce myself. My name is Andreas, and I am in charge of Client Service, Quality Assurance, and Product Management here at MyQuickCloud.

Today I will talk about printing. Printing is something we all take for granted, particularly in office environments. What happens when you connect to a computer outside of your home or office? Most of the time, you will still be able to print, but it usually comes with a lot of hassle. That’s why we, here at MyQuickCloud, decided to reinvent remote printing, allowing you to print locally while working remotely.

Odds are that you have already used the feature as it has been around for a while – but if you haven’t, let me introduce to you: The MyQuickCloud Printer.

Watch the video below to see the MyQuickCloud Printer in action, and how to use it:

The MyQuickCloud Printer is automatically installed with any version of MyQuickCloud from 2.2 or later. For most operating systems it works right out-of-the-box, however, a few of additional steps are necessary if the computer you are connecting to is running Windows Vista or Windows 7. You can read all about how to set that up in the support article below.

Support: MyQuickCloud Seamless Printing

We are very excited about this feature, and hope that you will be too!

My team of Client Service Agents will be more than happy to answer your questions on chat (click here) or on email (, should you ever encounter any issues with the MyQuickCloud Printer.