MyQuickCloud Partner Portal released

MyQuickCloud Partner Portal released


MyQuickCloud Partners now have access to a partner portal!

release vers 1.0

We recognize that all of our partners need tools and resources to support marketing and sales efforts. So we have create the MyQuickCloud Partner Portal to provide more of these resources for you.

When our partners login to our dedicated MyQuickCloud Partner Portal. They have access to account statistics, exclusive training, sales and marketing resources developed for MyQuickCloud partners.

MyQuickCloud partner portal overview with statistics and partner information

Partner Statistics

Our partners can now have real-time statistics on their partner activity!

MyQuickCloud partner portal client statistics

Partner guides

Improved partner user guides with a marketing micro-site (pre-coded with your partner registration code) and customer communications tips.

MyQuickCloud partner portal marketing and sales resources

MyQuickCloud Partners now have many resources to help then communicate the value of MyQuickCloud to prospects and customers.