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How to setup QuickBooks on a MyQuickCloud Cloud Server

Step 1 – Uploading your company file to the server

Watch the video below to see how to move your QuickBooks company file to the MyQuickCloud Cloud Server. Turn on the audio to hear our narrator go through the steps.

Step 2 – Signing in as your users to ensure they open the correct file

Watch the video below to see how to open the QuickBooks company file as one of your users. Turn on the audio to hear our narrator go through the steps.

QuickBooks needs updating, what do I need to do?

To update QuickBooks simply open a live chat and let us know it needs updating, or send us an email at

Our techs will schedule the update overnight to avoid any disruption. In the meantime, you can click Install Later or Update Later to continue working.

QuickBooks is asking for admin privileges

This happens when the QuickBooks database crashes, it should restart itself after a second so first try closing QuickBooks and reopening it. If you’re still getting the request for admin rights open a live chat with us and we’ll happily restart it there and then for you.

If our live chat is not online you can send us an email at, or you can restart the server which will restart the database. Watch the video below to see all of these different options.

I’m seeing an internet security error?

By default, our internet security settings are set to high. This can block some features of QuickBooks so if you are seeing an error message when you open QuickBooks saying ‘your internet security settings are too high’, follow these steps to reset the settings.

Note: Our technicians do this for you in the initial setup if you already have your users set up but it will need to be done for any new user on your cloud server.

How do I print to my local printer?

To print to your local printer select the MyQuickCloud printer in QuickBooks and then when the blue pop up appears, choose your local printer and hit print.

Not printing correctly? If for any reason your print outs are not working as they should, open a live chat with us and our techs will be happy to help.

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