What support do I get with a managed cloud server?

What’s included in a MyQuickCloud Managed Cloud Server?

The Cloud Server is managed and maintained by MyQuickCloud for you.

  • We backup your system every night and keep that backup for 30 days
  • Available 24/7 directly in MyQuickCloud
  • No extra fee any support, including installation of additional apps
  • Flexible: you can change your server type overnight

What happens if I need my software updated or a new piece of software installed on my cloud server?

Easy, just open a live chat with us using the little green ‘Chat Now’ button in the bottom right of our website, or send us an email at support@myquickcloud.com. If we’re installing or upgrading your software we’ll need the relevant product/license numbers. Our team will schedule the updates/installs overnight and email you when they’re ready.

What happens if I have issues with applications on my server?

If you run into problems with your application simply open a live chat with us and we’ll happily remote on and investigate for you. Most problems (especially QuickBooks related) we’re very good at fixing right away. However for some applications we may need to refer you to the application’s support team. Our techs are all highly skilled tech nerds and can fix almost any problem imaginable, unfortunately there is just too much software out there to be an expert in it all!

What we offer

All our customers get the same great level of support. This is primarily done through our live chat service Monday – Friday 6am-6pm EST and you can also raise a ticket through our contact page or email support@myquickcloud.com.

We aim to fix any issues you may have at the first time of asking, occasionally for complex issues, we may need to escalate them to our 3rd level support team who will schedule a support session with you.

How is support handled?

The majority of support is done through LiveChat. Our LiveChat system allows us to be more productive and respond to your requests as quickly as possible. It also allows us to easily remotely connect to your computer to resolve issues for you. A transcript of the chat is then available for you to keep and review at a later date.

You can also email us at support@myquickcloud.com or via the contact form on the contact page.

What if I have issues outside of your support hours?

Outside of support hours please contact us via email or using the contact form and we will respond to you as soon as possible when our support hours re-commence. We have made every effort to minimise the chances of you requiring critical support by doing the following:


We continuously update and optimise our self-help sections with new and updated knowledge base articles. The hope is that most issues you find will be addressed here and can be easily resolved without needing to contact us.

Infrastructure Monitoring:

Whilst we do not offer 24-7 support currently to individual customers we do however monitor the MyQuickCloud infrastructure 24-7 and have monitoring in place to alert us to any major problems should they occur.

Cloud Server Infrastructure:

Our Cloud Servers are built on the highly trusted Amazon infrastructure and therefore are monitored and maintained to the highest level to minimise any possible issue and downtime.

Cloud Server Self Help:

MyQuickCloud users with the administrator role on their account have the ability to end users sessions and also reboot the cloud server, this will help you to resolve any problems with hanging or crashed applications / services. Having this facility greatly reduces the chances of needing to contact support.

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact our support or sales teams, they’ll gladly go through any information regarding MyQuickCloud Managed Cloud Servers.

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