Getting started with a MyQuickCloud Cloud Server

About this guide

This guide is aimed at telling you all you need to know about a MyQuickCloud Cloud Server. Whether you have just subscribed to a cloud server and want to know what to do next, or you’re just looking for some additional information before signing up – this guide should contain everything you need to know.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us.

What is a MyQuickCloud Cloud Server?

A Managed Cloud Server is the ultimate business solution for companies looking to work remotely.

Cloud servers look and feel the same as any other Windows PC you would have in the office, it just lives in the cloud rather than on your desk. Take a look at the video below describing the difference between using your own on-premise PC as a host, and using one of our managed cloud servers.

So imagine you had an in-house IT team managing a machine that everyone can access remotely; it’s backed up everyday, and can be upgraded in an instant as your business grows. Now just remove the ongoing cost of an IT team and the initial investment of a server! Everything is taken care of by MyQuickCloud.

How secure is a MyQuickCloud Cloud Server?

We take the privacy and security of your data very seriously, for further detail on our security please see below.

  • Your Cloud Server will run on either Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2016 depending on your requirements and will be hosted in the secure, trusted, Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment. The exact data centre will be chosen depending on your location to optimize speed and performance.
  • The Cloud Server is a dedicated instance solely for your use and isolated from any other instances.
  • We undertake full backups every night and keep the backups on a 30 day retention period.
  • We handle all installs and updates of your applications and always perform a full backup before undertaking any changes.
  • When accessing remotely your data does not leave the Cloud Server. Only the display and user interactions are streamed across a protected 128/256 bit SSL secured connection

MyQuickClouds powerful data encryption technology protects all data transmitted externally. Internally, its privacy settings mean each employee has designated access to set applications and files.

MyQuickCloud uses a powerful encryption mechanism (SSL: Secure Socket Layer) for all data transmitted from one computer to another. Only your computers have the keys to decipher the data, meaning that anybody getting hold of the data would not be able to decrypt it. Therefore you can access your Cloud Server from anywhere – your home PC, from a public network or a shared computer, secure in the knowledge that your data is completely safe.

MyQuickCloud has 128/256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption built in. All data including screen images, file transfers, keyboard and mouse input and chat text is fully encrypted from end to end. The encryption key is unique for each connection. The access code itself resides on the host computer and is never transmitted or stored on our servers. For this reason, it is impossible, even with the most sophisticated devices, to intercept the data necessary to decode the encryption. Transmissions cannot be hacked or compromised in any way. This technology is used by all secure and payment pages on the internet and is both secure and reliable.

Are my applications supported?

You can run any Windows Application on your cloud server as long as you have the corresponding licences.

At the initial setup phase of the Cloud Server we will ask you for a list of the applications you wish to have installed and any licence / product keys that will be needed. Our support team will then install the applications for you. Learn more in the next section.

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